Tooth & Nail French Quarter Now Open!

1222 Decatur Street entrance 

1222 Decatur Street entrance 

You know those dreams that are so crazy and unrealistic that you don't even dare to dream them. Well, that was how I felt about ever opening a store in the French Quarter. The idea of it was ludicrous. We don't have the money, the connections, or the know-how to ever pull off such a thing. But somehow, we did. A friend who is retiring offered up his storefront to us in a prime little corner of the French Quarter. Miraculously, the rent was in our budget, the stars aligned, and we worked our asses off to make it happen. We got the keys on April 3rd and opened our doors on April 7th. Yup, we went from a bare bones former woodworking shop to a pretty cool little boutique in 4 days! 

Obviously, the time frame we gave ourselves to open was ridiculous. We needed to paint, install lighting, BUILD ALL OF OUR FURNITURE FROM SCRATCH (no Ikea, no sir!) pull together a lot of inventory and do about a hundred other things. Then, the second miracle happened. Our friends just started appearing, many bringing their own tools, offering to help us. We had friends, partners, friends-of-friends, and in one case a Facebook friend we'd never previously met face-to-face show up and pitch in. After a week of watching people generously donate their time and labor, I have more love for the New Orleans community then ever before. 

After four long and intense days, we opened our doors just in time for French Quarter Fest (thus, the rushed deadline. FQ Fest is a huge draw and a big weekend for businesses in the Quarter). The shop looks..... beautiful. Just beautiful. Of course, it's a long way from finished, but we're pretty proud of what we've accomplished so far! 

Post-Mardi Gras, pre-fest, jewelry making time!!!

Ok, we'll admit it. For the past few weeks, making jewelry was not the #1 priority of most of the team over at Tooth & Nail. We were too busy hot gluing thousands of flowers onto a tutu (Krista), catching a shoe at the Muses parade (Holly), and doing a little globetrotting (Sarah). But now that the Mardi Gras madness has passed and French Quarter Fest/Jazz Fest/all those other fests, are still a couple months away, we're settling in to a comfortable little jewelry making groove and knocking out some pretty badass new designs. Swing by the shop and check out the bunches of new mixed metal earrings and killer antler bracelets. We've also started to introduce some spring clothing -- awesome lace dresses, playfully patterned tops and lightweight spring scarves. 

It's a Team Effort

Isn't our Tooth & Nail sign beautiful?? It was months in the making, but when it finally was completed, we knew it had been well worth the wait!

It took the efforts of five different friends to take this beast from idea to reality. We took some marine grade plywood and used a CNC mill to get a precise duplication of our logo. Behind the wood is a layer of copper, which we left unsealed to allow it to patina with time. We applied layer after layer of marine grade varnish and sealant to protect the wood from the elements. Then we built a casing around it and wired it with some lights. Whew! This sign always makes me smile because it is not only a work of art in and of itself, but it's also a great representation of the combined efforts and generosity of our friends. We are truly lucky!!