Post-Mardi Gras, pre-fest, jewelry making time!!!

Ok, we'll admit it. For the past few weeks, making jewelry was not the #1 priority of most of the team over at Tooth & Nail. We were too busy hot gluing thousands of flowers onto a tutu (Krista), catching a shoe at the Muses parade (Holly), and doing a little globetrotting (Sarah). But now that the Mardi Gras madness has passed and French Quarter Fest/Jazz Fest/all those other fests, are still a couple months away, we're settling in to a comfortable little jewelry making groove and knocking out some pretty badass new designs. Swing by the shop and check out the bunches of new mixed metal earrings and killer antler bracelets. We've also started to introduce some spring clothing -- awesome lace dresses, playfully patterned tops and lightweight spring scarves. 

Krista DeJoseph